Here is what our customers are saying about their Raw Brass Cases:

I love your case....I have had mine for a long time and it is the best traveling... Thanks again, Jose Sibaja (Boston Brass)

Received my new Raw Brass case last Thursday. I was immediately pleased by the final product but wanted to wait of few days so I would actually have a chance to use it out of the house before I could fairly assess the case.

It definitely solves my problem of not only carrying a whole arsenal of 3 1/2 horns (Two trumpets, Fluegelhorn and Piccolo). It also solves worrying about damage to my horns because of a soft case. I play in various groups and invariably my case ends up in the "pile" with the rest of the cases, usually right next to some sound or lighting equipment, which always concerns me. Sometimes my case is in the back of a pick-up truck and I'm always worried that somehow it may fly out on a bump.

Well, after having this case only a few days I can say that if it ever did fly out of the back of a truck and get hit by a car my only concern would be how to pay for the damage to the car. This case really fits my needs. Thanks again. I would like to say that I will be a repeat customer but I don't see how that's possible as this case will outlast me. I will be bragging about this on the Trumpet Herald forum.

Tom S.

Everyone has seen my picture on Raw Brass, and they love it. I spent 3 months traveling (and playing) in Paris, Rome, St. Petersburg, and all over Finland. And the trumpet case was fabulous. It was dropped a couple of times, and pulled up many steps, and when I went to play the valves were perfect -- no dents. I was permitted to take the case on board the airplanes. Best investment I ever made! I hope you sell a billion of your cases.

Many of the musicians in Finland teased me saying "Here comes the mailman." It seems their cases were that yellow color. I am going back in December to help celebrate the Finnish Independence Day, and to show off my Raw Brass case again.

Musically yours,


I recently purchased a 300 series case and just made my first actual flight with it and am very glad that I made my purchase. In spite of FRAGILE stickers all over the case it still received a gouge out of the back of the case. I could only imagine what that would have done to a normal case. One day I hope to talk my wife into letting me get a 100 series case as well. A number of my friends, family members, and co-workers have been very impressed with the construction of this case. (most of my in-laws are also trumpet players)

I was very happy to find out that my new case has arrived. I carried it for the first time last night and as you stated the fit is a "little tight" but I don't think that it is bad enough to cause any damage to the trumpets. (Note: per the customer's request, we added space for a piccolo trumpet which means trumpet, flugel and piccolo in a case small enough to carry onto an airplane...it is a tight fit, but it works.) I am sure the true test will come after I have gone through the airport with it and had to place it in the overhead bin of a plane. The weight of the case (with instruments) is a bit more than I expected but not heavy by any means.

I will pass my praise of your case along to my contacts at the Yamaha Corporation and hopefully this will generate a few more sales for you. Again thank you very much for your promptness in the construction and delivery of the case. I will keep you in mind for future purchases. Do you make any cases for trombone? One of the trombone players I work with is in the market for a case as well. (Note: sorry, no trombone cases...yet!)

I'm sure once the DC guys I normally work with as well as the collection of players I will see in FLA shortly see the case your "flurry" may turn into a blizzard. I recommended the case sight unseen to my fellow faculty member at ShenUniv and he loves it. Even the small size is appealing to me as my car (an Audi TT) has very limited storage space.

I have recently purchased your Raw Brass 100 series case - I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.

In my job I travel quite a bit by bus and occasionally by air, so the protection of my horns is paramount to me. I believe your product to be unrivaled in this area, and I will no longer travel with that niggling worry about whether my gear will all be in one piece when I arrive at the destination.

Quite a few of my colleagues have commented very favorably on the case, and in all seriousness I think you should consider designing a trombone case to add to your line - the question was asked!

Many Thanks once again, your product and customer service are first class!