Roger Smith started Raw Brass as a simple little website back in 1998. It was the internet's first comprehensively-categorized list of trumpet-related links. Eventually Raw Brass blazed new trails by offering online classifieds, a trumpet player forum, and the web's first trumpet photo archive. In 1999 Raw Brass produced its first prototype trumpet cases. Our second customer was the Canadian Brass, so we knew we were on to something.

Our most exciting venture involved the development of a world-class, custom, multi-trumpet case. With each new customer and configuration request, we continued to refine our designs. In 2002 the trumpet world was introduced to the flagship of trumpet cases…the all-new "Armor" case. The response was great…so great, in fact, that we were forced to either expand the business or sell.

Our goal at Raw Brass is to provide the most professional, attractive, well-organized, and comprehensive trumpet-related resource worldwide. We're confident that you'll find us to be all of that and more! Thanks again for your interest in Raw Brass!